ANSI Grade For Locks

When you think about security for your home the first thing that comes into your mind is locks. To better understand locks it is paramount to understand the types of locks and their grading system, For door locks the grading scale is determined by ANSI which is short for American National Standards Institute. We will try to briefly explain the different levels and their standards.

We’ll try to keep it simple so the first thing you need to know is that the lower the number the better the lock, Much like in the olympic sports event winners podium, 1st gold (best), 2nd silver(good) 3rd (pass).

Grade 1

Stands for a better lock mechanism and more durable, typically the use of Grade 1 locks is reserved for places that require higher security level and that will last longer, Commonly can found on commercial buildings and businesses with high traffic. While it is more common to have Grade 1 locks installed in commercial properties, It’s not unusual to install them on residential property, It is best to consult with an experienced locksmith if a Grade 1 lock will be better or not. So what are the standards to be labeled as Grade 1?

For door knobs there is a certain amount of cycles it must withstand the minimum would be 800,000 cycles. It also must withstand 6 door strikes and stand the 360 lbs weight test. For deadbolts that are labeled Grade 1, Its required to withstand 250,000 Cycles and be able to resist 10 hammer strokes directly to the lock.

 Grade 2

Locks that are labeled as Grade 2 are in general not durable or heavy duty as Grade 1 locks are and typically wouldn’t fit the demands of a commercial property, This does not mean that the cylinder security is not as good as some Grade 1 locks. It is also common to see them on some light traffic commercial properties. This locks can be found on many residential buildings and homes and easily meet the requirements for these types of application.

To sum it up , Grade 2 Locks are more suitable for residential application and not so much for commercial use, However most Grade 2 locks are designed to pass the basic security requirements needed for a residential home. Depends on the situation some locksmiths will even offer to install a Grade 1 deadbolt with a Grade 2 door knob to offer extra security.

Grade 3

Generally these locks are last on the ANSI grade system but they are not to thought as useless. they still offer security solutions for some applications and can last for very long time depends on the amount of people that will use that lock. There is no reason to assume that Grade 3 locks are low quality. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find these locks on many apartment buildings and it is more common to find them on storage doors. Obviously they are not as tough as Grade 2 locks and it wouldn’t be a good idea to install them on your main entry door, It will be wise to ask your locksmith whether or not you should have these types of locks installed on your door.

At Grade 1 Locksmith we will help you make the right decision regarding the type of security needed for your needs. We carry all types of locks and carry with us High security locks such as Mul-t-Lock and Schlage Primus. Please contact us If you have any questions.